An American Brat

An American Brat

Bapsi Sidhwa


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Bapsi Sidhwa's brilliant fourth novel chronicles the adventures of a young Pakistani girl in America with an enormously satisfying story and characte.. The extended family of Feroza Ginwalla, a lively and temperamental girl, agonizes over the decision to send her to America for a three-month holiday. This act of apparent audacity arises from concern over Feroza's conservative attitudes, which stem from Pakistan's rising tide of fundamentalism. Feroza's chaperone in America, an uncle only six years her senior, is her guide, friend, and the bane of her existence. Her relationship and adventures shape her alternatively hilarious and terrifying perceptions of the US. Feroza's family in Pakistan, meanwhile, is in delicious turmoil over the possibility that American ways will ruin her.

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