The One Thing (Paperback)

The One Thing (Paperback)

Jay Papason


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Time management has proved time and again to be a topic of discord and chaos for most managers. Projects get postponed or even fail early on due to a lack of focus or trying to do too much at once. Instead, as this book teaches readers, there is only one thing that needs to be done at a time. If you chase two rabbits, as the Russian phrase goes, you will lose them both. In this book, Gary Keller explains the six most popular beliefs related to time management and shows why they are misleading. He then shows how to identify the focus areas in any organization or process and how to guide a team towards them. Finally the third portion of the book shows the sequence of Purpose, Priority, Productivity and Profits, explaining that these four Ps will lead to time based achievement of goals. Learning to say no and focussing on goals is the key to any problem, and Gary Keller knows it well.

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