Data Structures Using C

Reema Thareja


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Data Structures Using C (Oxford Higher Education) is a book carefully written by Reema Thareja. It serves the requirements of undergraduate as well as postgraduate engineering students specializing in Computer Applications. The book covers all the vital concepts of Data Structures.

The book begins with the concept of C programming and includes topics related to Pointers, Arrays, Strings and Functions. These concepts are then applied to the study of Data Structures. The applications discuss key concepts like Linked Lists, Trees, Stacks and Queues and Graphs. The book contains detailed descriptions of functions of Data Structures like Internal and External Sorting. Discussion on topics like Search Trees and Hashing are also provided. There is a chapter in the book which explains the organization of files and attributes. at the end of each chapter there are multiple choice questions and review questions to help students understand the chapter clearly.

Data Structures Using C (Oxford Higher Education), published as a paperback by Oxford University Press in 2011, provides numerous examples to illustrate the theoretical concepts of the subject.

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