# What is bookmarked.co.in ?

-Bookmarked.co.in is an online bookstore which delivers quality books on your doorstep. There is also cashback policy which is applicable on certain books.

# I forgot my password. What do I do ?

-Dont worry. Go to the login pop-up. Just click on "Forgot Password?" and follows the steps thereafter.

#Does bookmarked.co.in provide e-books ?

-No. For now, we are providing only physical books to our users. We plan to introduce e-Books very soon.

#How do I contact bookmarked.co.in’s team ?

-Please call us on +91 9987911416 or drop a line on support@bookmarked.co.in. Do mention your contact details. We will reach out to you within 24 hours.

#How do I know my order has been confirmed?

-You will be mailed upon confirmation with the details of your order.

#How do I cancel my order ?

-Please reach us on +91 9987911416 and we will try to process your request within 24 hours.

# How will my payment be refunded ?

-In case you cancel your order, the payment will be credited to your Store Credit.

# How does the pick-up work ?

-An sms and Email will be sent to you. You have to reply with a yes or no indicating whether you want to return the book or not (yes- to return and no- to keep the book). Upon receiving the reply BOOMARKED representative will come to your house for the pick up.

# Can I change the address of delivery every order ?

-Yes. You are asked to choose a delivery address. You can choose a previously mentioned address or add a new address. Every order can be delivered at a new address if the service is available at the chosen pincode.

# Do I have to return all the books at the same time ?

-All the books have to be returned at once. Only once will there be a pick-up. If you wish to keep a particular book, you can tell our representative and on the spot he will subtract the sum that book and give you your cashback on the other books which you have returned.

# How do I pay for bookmarked.co.in transactions ?

-You can pay online with your debit card, credit card, net-banking or cash on delivery. 

# Are there any hidden charges when I order at bookmarked.co.in ?

-No taxes or additional charges apart from those mentioned on the website shall be charged. Is it safe to use credit card / debit card on bookmarked.co.in? Yes.It is safe to use all payment options on bookmarked.co.in. We use the best payment gateway out there! PayUMoney .

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